The Unanswered Question
I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.

Operation: Lazarus

It has taken some time, but I have returned to the world of the blog everyone.  Glad to be back.  I have thought long and hard about what to do with this space.  I had originally thought that this area needed a narrow focus:  some reason for people to come here, and yet remain personal and appropriate to myself.  I thought about a music blog, and entertainment blog, a space to voice my outrage over…well… anything.  I could review things, deconstruct things, evaluate things, etc etc.

Answer to all these ideas?  True, and boring.  And then it hit me about 2 weeks ago, when I was off work on “vacation”.  Jenn and I were going to take the kids to Florida.  But it was decided that even with a place to stay it would be too expensive.  So we should channel that money to something that really hit home:  the very deconstructed basement.  As it had now stood up to many situations this winter that would have flooded it previously, since being fixed by WetTek, we were confident to move forward and start to return the basement to usable status.  So with 11 days off, we began to return the basement to it’s former glory, while augmenting those things that we didn’t care for in the first place.  BINGO!  There’s my blog (for now).  And the nickname this project has taken on (at least in my mind) is Operation: Lazarus.  We will raise this basement from the dead.  And it will be documented here, from the very beginning nearly a near ago, for all to see (and maybe further understand why we still have not yet had a housewarming party for all to attend).  So keep your eyes open to The Unanswered Question blog, because at least for the next while, there will be a story to read, and something to talk about.


2 Responses to “Operation: Lazarus”

  1. I wondered why the basement was suddenly under such destruction. Pictures! We want to see the carnage!

    Did you let the kids take out the old drywall? As someone who had removed copious amounts of drywall by the time he was a decade old, I can tell you this is an immensely satisfying thing for chillens.

  2. You’re going to moderate me? Ha! Moderation is for the boring. I want to be EXCESSED!

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